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The Rajiv Gandhi Chair for Panchayati Raj Studies wants its research output, experiences and knowledge in different facets of Panchayati Raj to be taken to the policy makers, elected leaders and to the public to be used appropriately to strengthen the Panchayati Raj System. To this end the Chair has produced several books, monographs, research reports, occasional papers, research articles, popular articles, booklets and pamphlets and training manuals and materials.

These publications are intended to provide inputs to people associated with Panchayati Raj System at different levels. Many of these publications have been brought out in Tamil to benefit the elected leaders in Tamilnadu, particularly those hailing from socially and economically deprived groups. Such publications are well received by the Panchayati Raj leaders and found useful in equipping themselves for properly discharging their official duties. The training materials and he training modules prepared by the Chair are found useful by a number of non governmental agencies engaged in training programmes on Panchayati Raj.

For the researchers and the academics in the fieldof Panchayati Raj and development studies,the Chair has brought out a number of publications based on the research work of the Chair on various vital areas of Panchayati Raj.


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